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18th-May-2009 05:33 pm - oh. em. gee.
sunandsilence: (Default)
so, i'm taking a break from rl/plotting my [livejournal.com profile] twilightbigbang  fic/trying to not get sucked into yet another smallville fic to bring you this Very Special Announcement:

i have a new ipod. it's shiny (well, only the back, which is a lot less shiny than my old ipod was) and black and silver and it holds 120 GIG. 120. all those movies and tv shows and season passes that i so shouldn't have bought and did? can now totally fit on there. i...i think i might be in heaven. 

i'm not gonna lie -- right now, i'm pretty sure i have the best parents ever. 

and, since i know a lot of people on lj have kids of their own and are probably doing what my parents do on a daily basis - tearing their hair out and screaming "where did i go wrong?" jkjk - i have these words of advice: materialism never goes unrewarded. support the economy! and your kids will support you. ^^

(in all seriousness though, that's about 15 dogs i no longer have to walk -- thank god)
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