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7th-Jun-2009 07:31 pm - mmm, inky
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 well, the outline on my epically epic twilight fic is complete (finally!). it's kinda mutated since i first thought up the concept. for one thing, the outline is four pages, front and back, in my best handwriting (done with a fountain pen and royal blue ink) because we were at a hotel when i started and all i had was the replacement pen and ink i'd just bought for my calligraphy set. also, not only will there be french canadians, there will be french canadian preteen boys. hitting on nessie. and nessie's 'hot older sister', bella - who, incidentally, i've decided is the worst mother ever. and it shows. this fic is basically going to be the 'all the ways bella swan fails at parenting' story, except with a gooey center of adulterous j/b goodness. and possibly a feminist nessie. am considering posting excerpts later, y/y?

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Title: Wing on Wing
Fandom: Twilight/The Dark Knight
Word Count: 3, 975
Disclaimer: Nothing. That's what I own. If I was SMeyer...well, let's just not get into that, 'kay?
Summary: "I called you a bad stalker. That's not exactly an insult."
Notes: This is kind of crazy and completely un-beta-ed, but it more or less ate my brain so I'm posting it now anyway. Title from "Dream of a Blessed Spirit" by Yeats.

 I've been thinking of doing a companion to this, too - a chaptered (-gasp- non-one shot Twilight fic? Inconceivable!) fic from Bella's POV with bits and pieces that take place before and after this story.
26th-Mar-2008 09:46 pm
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Title: The World is Moving (I'm Standing Still) 
Fandom: Twilight:
Disclaimer: Je n'ai rien. Which is French for Meyer owns.
Pairing: Edward/Piano, and various others
Word Count: 2,799
Summary: Lazarus, come forth.
a/n: Title from The Weepies. This is un-betaed, so feedback is much appreciated.

8th-Feb-2008 11:26 pm - About that cave I was living in...
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Fandom: Twilight
Title: Three Songs of Shattering
Rating: PG-13
Length: 2,092 words
Disclaimer: Meyer owns. Title from Edna St. Vincent Millay.
Summary: Thirty miles away a girl is dying and this boy is trying not to care.


5th-Aug-2007 01:13 pm - there are no words. no, seriously.
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Title:  To Be Resigned
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Edward, Bella
Disclaimer: Are you honestly thick enough to believe I own Twilight? Or Edna St. Vincent Millay?
Summary: Bella should really stay away from the poetry.
Notes: ...I give up. Unlike Bella, I am very resigned - to my fate as an author of this spectacular piece of crack!fic. 

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Title: Battle Scars
Fandom: Twilight
Characters: Charlie, Bella
Disclaimer: Not mine. Duh.
Charlie wonders if it's his fault.
Notes: My third mini-fic for Twilight. In two days. I'm thinking about sitting my muse down and having a serious talk with her.

4th-Aug-2007 05:20 pm - Fic!
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Title: The Music of What Happens
Bella, Jacob, Alice, Edward
Fandom: Twilight
Summary: Just a series of poetry-driven drabbles set in New Moon.
Word Count: 1451
Notes: My first ever Twilight-fic! I feel so proud. Comment, please. 

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