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21st-Aug-2006 06:59 pm - Bits of Babble
sunandsilence: (purple sky)

The Williamsburg trip got put off a little for a bunch of reasons, so now we're planning to leave at midnight. Bring on the caffeine, huh? Looks like we'll be stopping at every Starbucks we can find on the way. The Swizzle titles have been picked, which is good. It's easier for me to work on something once I title it, I don't know why. Mom got me a few reference books about colonial times. It was nice of her and all, but the books aren't going to help me much. I can't use two of them at all, and altogether, I found maybe three chapters that have useful information in them. Still, it's the thought that counts, right? 

I read New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. Actually, I read it a few days ago, but I'm just getting around to posting about it.  I'm all packed (well, maybe not completely, but I've packed enough), and I've already emailed/talked to my friends to warn them I'd be offline for the next few hours on account of Wburg, so... I think I might make it a regular thing, posting about the books I read - or at least, the good ones.

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