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14th-May-2009 10:42 pm - ...where's the rest of it?
sunandsilence: (Default)
 so, about That Show (aka smallville) and it's supposedly "epic, magical" season finale, i have one thing to say:


you know, it wasn't even the content of the episode (well, not entirely) - it was the pacing that undid me. the whole episode felt so rushed. while i was watching, it felt like taking a roller coaster ride...on acid. i mean, first rokk comes back from the future (for like two seconds, way to be anticlimactic) and is all "you're going to die" and then, next thing i know, there's this supposedly epic clois scene with the phone booth and the anonymous phone calls and the complete lack of chemistry, and then oliver's shooting clark?

and that was all before the first commercial break. really, it'd just be easier to list all the inanely twisterific things in this episode:

spoilers ahoy )
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