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We have another update, yay! Ugh, I'm feeling kind of fic-sad. Over at the ga fanfic board, there were, like, no replies to my last few updates...I am very sad (ok, not very, but still disappointed). Anyway, here's the chapter...warning, it's long. 

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Another  update! This one is important - it paves the way for some of my favorite chapters, ones which gave me the idea for this whole story. So, read and enjoy. Oh yeah, don't forget to comment - I live off of feedback!

13th-Aug-2006 09:17 pm - In Which the Heroine Fixes It
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Yay! Another update! The parents are back, so you know, there is serious grumpiness. Well, on my part, anyway, but that's because I have to counteract their insane amounts of cheeriness. Ugh. Happy people. Well, happy parents, anyway. They are seriously annoying me right now. 

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More! That's right, I have finished my chapter, and I kind of like it right now. I'm pretty sure it doesn't suck, at least, which is more than I can say for anything else I've written. Anyway, here's the chapter...

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Yay! Here comes another update. It's shorter than usual, and mostly filler, but the end is important.
10th-Aug-2006 08:00 pm - The One Where the Heroine Yells
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Yet another update. I'm on a roll. Woo! I just watched V For Vendetta and am watching Inside Man now. I think V is my new favorite movie (or one of them). I think I like the Grey's Anatomy fanfic board. They're all very liberal with the praise, which is a veeerrry good virtue to have. Now, onto the update.
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