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16th-Jun-2009 03:13 pm - bloggy time
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  so, in the interest of finally updating this thing, it's time to play the what's-happening-in-rachel's-life game.

player 1: is obsessed with making friendship bracelets. they're just so pretty.
player 2: is in the midst of finals week, and just took her french exam. it was ah-mazing. 
player 3: is writing this blog and dedicating it to stephanie, who is even more ah-mazing than the french exam and has also never been mentioned in a blog before (and just to clarify, stephanie is not s-la)
player 4: is desperately trying not to start writing until she's done attempting to study.
now, i'm sure you're all wondering which player is the winner of this little game. the correct answer would be e. all of the above. since i have faith in all of you, i'm just going to say that you all guessed correctly and move on to the prizes.
which are piccys! yay! and for once they aren't from flickr. 
so this is stephanie, who is the dedicatee of this post. and has very nice arms. and also bracelets, which she made. 
and this is the bracelet that i'm making for her right now. it's about an inch and a half longer than that now. i'm thinking after i finish this one i'm going to try and make one of the ones with a heart-shaped pattern, or this double zig zag type that i saw on google. 
[community profile] twilightbigbang  is going well. nessie is basically the most emo child ever. i'm growing quite fond of her and her angst and her watching jacob and bella's lovely adulterous escapades. it's insane. here, have an excerpt.

angstangstangst )


in other news, i got a hair cut. and took off six and a half inches. and i'm officially going to be a design editor next year for the yearbook. which has led to me going to yearbook camp on some week or the other in july. 
also, my french exam featured ernest hemingway leaving the spanish civil war to meet two jewish boys fleeing paris for le zone libre. in other words, my future tense composition turned into crossover fanfiction between hemingway and our short storyl'etoile jaune. yes, i have issues. hopefully i'll get an a? 
1st-Jun-2009 10:24 pm
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update on project contact: i can now put them in and take them out in one try (and, when taking them out at least, without a mirror). why, yes, i am excited. 

i'm reading the screwtape letters by c. s. lewis now. what's ophelia the ipod playing? beau fixeby coralie clement qui j'adore. 

i have a french speaking quiz tomorrow. as a consequence i've been frantically practicing the lovely french r sound. my mother recently informed me that i sound like a dying cat while i do so, so i figured that was an indicator that more practice was necessary. 

in other news, the story idea i've been playing with is starting to come together plot-wise. thank my muse, viola. she's been working overtime - and quite randomly. one idea is for the first pure fantasy i've ever considered writing and the other is for a post-apocalyptic society with vaguely religious undertones. 

flickr picture of the day: comme des enfants

in other news, my [community profile] twilightbigbang  project is taking shape. i am sensing a fail!baby/jacob/bella/eddiekins rectangle of angsty pointless love. it will be EPIC. and possibly feature inappropriate biblical references. and maybe a trip to quebec. i don't know my muse has been very, very active blame her for the chaos. 

prom, by the by, was incredibly fun. i can now run, walk, and dance in four inch heels. whodathunkit?
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