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20th-Aug-2006 05:52 pm - Time To Pack (Read: procrastinate)
sunandsilence: (nightlife)
I finally changed my lj. I've been planning to for ages, but I kept putting it off. I think it looks pretty nifty, but what do you guys think? Anyway, we're leaving for Williamsburg tomorrow, so Nobody Wins updates will be few and far between for the next few days. I love Williamsburg (shh, don't let that slip to my friends!). There's something about that history-soaked atmosphere that sets my nerdy, writerly self (aka Satan) to feeling all tingly. Even better, I have an actual excuse to drag everyone there and make them go through the historic area with me: Swizzle. I think I'm really falling in love with this project. After Williamsburg, we're planning to go up to New Haven, so sadly, I don't think any of my fic is going to be updated. I'll try, though, I really will! Thank God for Dot (aka Dorothy Parker aka my laptop). Thanks to her I'll be able to get some writing done during the next week or so. Oh yeah, if you read and/or write Grey's Anatomy fic, you might want to head over to [personal profile] grand_delusions lj. It's pretty darned important. Now I've gotta go and deal with that pesky little thing called real life before the Swizzle chat at 9.

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