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21st-Jul-2006 04:42 pm - The writing bug
sunandsilence: (Default)
Megan, Helena, and Joe just came over. That's right, blame them for distracting me from my worthy goal of writing more of my new (still untitled) novel. I'm proud of myself. I saw The Devil Wears Prada (finally!), got sick, mostly recovered, went over Becky's, and still managed to outline loads of my story, as well as start Draft Two of Chapter One. It's not done yet but after all this work, I'm posting the first part of it just so I can feel good. I don't know yet, but I'm thinking  "Infinitas" for a title, since the story (so far) seems to suggest it, but who knows? A few months down the road, the story could be completely different from the way I outlined it, and "Infinitas" could be a completely crappy title for it. Of course, "Infinitas" could be a completely crappy title anyway, but... Now, onto the actual part-of-a-chapter...

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