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7th-Jun-2009 10:46 am
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a lot of people have wondered why i never wanted contacts - well, today i present to you the best reason ever to avoid contacts (or, a story from rachel's saturday night)

our lovely protagonist (moi) happens to be very fond of mac's lash-defining mascara. you might even go so far as to call it her best friend. but, in the tradition of all sexy best friends (hello lex luthor, we miss you) it went bad. how? well...

all of those lovely mascara-aided lashes got stuck to my left contact. so i, of course, went with the reflex of brushing/rubbing them out of the way. and when that didn't work, i (being a very resourceful protagonist, none of that wishy washy bella swan nonsense up in here) attempted to take my contact out. in the car. in a maryland parking lot at 11:30 at night. 

unfortunately, no one warned me (oh that evil ministry of magic contact wearing, why must you keep the public in the dark?) that these favorable conditions won't persuade the contact to magically jump onto your finger. so the contact stayed put. and mascara the evil bff caused Severe Itching in the eye area. mon dieu, what was a girl to do?

well, the natural course was to rub the eye in question vigorously. which i did. and then my contact ripped in half. in half. and i couldn't even tell if the other half was still in my eye or not. 

so, after several badly lit public restrooms, many, many restaurant patrons wondering why on earth the insane girl kept touching her eye and going "ohmygodohmygodohmygod", and a very rushed trip home (surprising sans ticket, but only because we explained to the police officer and he let it slide), we got home. 

and then i spent an hour staring at my eyeball in a giant mirror and trying to figure out if the contact (well, half...let's call it halfie, shall we?) was still stuck to my eye and how to get it if it was -- why yes, this period did feature a panic attack, my mother was most unimpressed. by the end of the night we concluded halfie was no longer on my person and so i went to sleep. 

but then came morning, all three hours ago (for me). and my eye still felt strange. so after more rubbing (can you tell i was the little kid in preschool with both hands like permanently glued to her face?) out popped halfie. i'm not sure if i was more horrified or relieved. relieved, for obvious reasons. horrified because a. i'd heard all the sleeping with contacts horror stories and b. because if it'd been in all night and we couldn't see it, where the hell had it been?

and so ends the story. i hope you tell it to all your children in the grand style of horror stories everywhere. don't forget the flashlights, blankets, and appropriate exclamations of pure horror. 

in more happy news, i spent most of yesterday at meggo's, helping her friend get ready for prom. my makeup skills were put to good use on her at least. who knew i could line someone's eyes without killing them?
29th-May-2009 08:20 pm - i can see clearly now...
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well, not now that the rain is gone (it's not, in fact it's still pouring outside and the weatherbug radar has the entire county covered in a solid block of red), but now that i have finally given in and gotten contacts. you know, those things i said i would never get (i am highly disturbed by the notion of placing anything on my eyeball, especially my own fingers and not excepting small bendy pieces of plastic). however, after years of mocking me for my inability to join the ranks of the corrective lens wearing masses, my own mother issued me an ultimatum - she wasn't going to pay for my second prom dress if i was determined to "ruin the effect of everything" by wearing glasses. and so, to the eye doctor i went. 
i am now on day two of this whole adjustment period business - specifically, i'm almost out of hour 2 of 4 for the day. so far, i've been convinced that i was going to go blind - in reality, i put the left lens in inside out, dripped lens solution into my eye because i couldn't find eye drops and my eyes are so dry it felt like the sahara had moved to my eye socket, and put my finger on the lens seven times and moved it around just because it looked so weird. 
and in the midst of all this excitement, i decided i'm going to blog my way through this experience. i've been neglecting this thing in the name of homework (the gods of gpantheon will not be denied), so i might as well get back in the hang of things. 
also, last night, i stayed up til 3 doing a project on fallacies for lang. here's the customer testimonial, i think you'll enjoy it.

what's playing on my ipod right now? c'etait salement romantique by coeur du pirate they're really good, and i'm trying to listen to more french music because a. the language is gorgeous and b. i have a test on monday that is supposedly 
ridiculously difficile, so it wouldn't hurt to prepare
what am i reading? the killer angels by michael shaara. actually, it's a reread (and for a reason - it's one of the best books i've ever read, and one of the few war books that i'll read for the battle descriptions and logistical information as much as the characters). i just finished incantation by alice hoffman. it was gorgeous and painful, just like all of her novels. i wish i had her flair for prose; everything she writes, every detail, every choice of syntax and scene, just flows. it's a little magical, to tell the truth. and more importantly, her writing has...oomph. it hurts, in just the right way. if you haven't read her books, start -practical magic is probably my favorite, but any of them will do. 
and it wouldn't be right if i didn't end with the usual pretty piccy from flickr. this one's called, appropriately, let there be light. isn't it gorgeous?
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