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13th-Jan-2008 10:22 pm - ask anybody... advice for the needy?
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I've been toying around with a Twilight fic for quite some time now...it's an idea brought on by the fabulous

[personal profile] anythingbutgrey and her personal canon version of Edward...who's pretty amazing and more or less kicks canon!Edward's sparkly cold butt (incidentally, does putting it that way make anyone else think of those $5.00 roll-on body glitter sticks from grade school?)

The thing is, I've got enough to do with science fair and mid-terms and SATs and general I-hate-school-will-it-never-end-itis that I shouldn't even be on lj at all (actually, the only way I've been able to keep up with fandom at all is by checking my friends page on my phone in study hall...which is incredibly awkward looking, but still). The point being, I don't want to start anything right now, especially writing-wise, because the effort I can/have put into it is nowhere near what it should be. So, here's where the advice comes in...read the little snippet below, then tell me...should I continue? Yea? Nay? Or should I leave this up to the superwriters  other authors out there who can give fics the attention they deserve?

Oh, and keep in mind that this is just the very beginning. This is just a snippet of an idea that I had in study hall and typed up on my phone in the car this afternoon (btw -- touch screen typing? so overrated)

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