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18th-Aug-2006 10:43 pm - I Should be Writing...
sunandsilence: (writer's block)
And I should. I have way too many things to do - shopping, relearning French, packing, calling people back, registering for the ssat, and, most importantly (to me, at least) writing. And boy, do I have lots to write. I have to finish my short story for Swizzle, edit my article for VOYA, write more of my novel, and my mini-Nanowrimo novel, and update Nobody Wins. Yeah, I should really be writing. Except, I don't feel like it, haven't felt like it all day. Sure, I got out a few hundred words of fic, but I don't think I'll be able to use any of it, which is a first for me (in this fic, anyway). Nothing seems to flow. Maybe it's just because I had to get up at an obscenely early hour (in the a. freaking m.s) so I wouldn't be taken by surprise when the cleaning ladies came to...well, clean

Right now, I feel like writing. I won't, though, because I know I'm too tired to write anything that'll come out half way decent. Besides that, I just had a sandwich and chocolate cake for dinner (we got home late) so now I'm feeling incredibly piggish and fat. Ugh. I love chocolate cake, but I will never ever listen to Frank again when he tells me I'm getting to skinny, have another piece (or two). Still, I just got out of the shower, and my hair smells amazing (god, I love my shampoo. Seriously, I could, like, marry it or something), so I'm feeling reasonably okay. Here's to a quick update, and me actually getting something done tomorrow.

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